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Meet Donors: Jeff & Diana Kerbel | Brampton Brick

“If you can do it, you’ve got to do it.” That’s the mentality that sets Diana and Jeff Kerbel apart and has made them two of the Nanny Angel Network’s most dedicated supporters. “We have been fortunate, and want to make sure that others can feel the same,” Diana says. Diana and her husband, Jeff, President and CEO of Brampton Brick, have given the Nanny Angel Network a new understanding of the word philanthropy through their generous contributions to the organization. In 2015, Brampton Brick donated $100,000 to NAN – the largest amount the organization has ever received from one donor.

Brampton Brick’s support is critical to NAN’s expansion across the GTA. “Jeff and Diana Kerbel are truly Guardian Angels of our organization. Their investment in the Nanny Angel Network is changing the way moms and their children endure the stress of a cancer diagnosis,” says NAN Founder, Audrey Guth.

If you ask Diana and Jeff about why they chose NAN, they’re quick to answer. “My mother had cancer and I saw what it cost for her care. I can’t imagine how young families do it. There are people there for palliative care and other services, but no one else is out there looking after the families,” says Jeff. The Kerbels emphasized the importance of organizations like NAN in their community and stressed their ongoing commitment to support the growth and success of the Nanny Angel Network.

After volunteering on the Angels & Heroes Event Committee for the inaugural gala, Diana joined NAN again in 2017 as a Co-Chair. “I had been to so many charity events over the years and part of so many committees, I wasn’t looking to do any more, but Audrey kept pursuing me. She would not let me go,” says Diana, laughing as she recalls Audrey reaching out. “It’s been a rewarding experience.”

When asked what they would want to share with people who are just learning about NAN, Jeff answered:

“NAN is a great organization. I would love to see people make space for NAN in their giving.”

Their interest in sharing NAN with their community has been monumental for NAN’s growth and development. At the inaugural Angels & Heroes Celebration, Diana and Jeff Kerbel were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the organization.