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Honour a Dad Affected by Cancer This Father’s Day.

This Father’s Day, our hearts turn to dads navigating the challenges of a cancer journey.

In Canada, men account for 45% of cancer diagnoses, and dads face unique hurdles, physically, emotionally, and financially.

Many dads may experience decreasing energy levels impacting their ability to play with their children or provide for their families as they once did.

“The kids enjoy the meals a lot! They are so handy for me as a single father, and they have saved me money on groceries and having to go into the store, especially because my energy levels have really been impacted as well.

I’m so thankful to Nankind: the support has been miraculous in our lives.”

Todd, Nankind Dad

There’s more! All donors have a chance to win a Milestones Dining Experience for Four at Milestones Dixon Road, allowing one lucky family to celebrate Father’s Day with a special meal together (Ts & Cs apply, redeemable at any time).

Our impact to date…

Families supported
Hours of free childcare
Meals provided
Children empowered

Why your support matters

  1. 1

    70% of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence

    When a parent is diagnosed with cancer children often feel lost and confused. They may think they have done something wrong and have trouble expressing how they feel. That’s where we come in. Our team of Child Life Specialists and trained volunteer angels deliver programs to help children understand your cancer journey and build emotional resilience.

  2. 2

    Our programs provide the critical intervention children need to understand their parents’ cancer

    Our Child Life focused programs help kids cope with the trauma of parental cancer by providing a sense of normalcy during an unfamiliar time. Nankind’s Program for Children takes this approach and our volunteer angels deliver their impact.

  3. 3

    Your support helps to build a community of volunteers that empower children

    Our angel volunteers build children’s social and emotional resilience, while giving their parents with cancer time back to focus on their well-being.

Your support in action

  • Even when you have a cold, it is very challenging to look after your family, so when you have cancer, it’s even more difficult to keep the family in one piece. That is why I have such deep admiration for the work of the Nanny Angel Network. When I think about preparing meals and making sure everyone is happy, I’m especially impressed by a mom’s ability to cope and how having a Nanny Angel provides a huge benefit.

    Waugh Family Foundation

  • The service was incredibly helpful. I’m still not out of the woods in my cancer journey, but having this support was INSTRUMENTAL in helping me heal and get strong for my next round of treatment. Beyond providing Christopher with lots of engagement, fun and care, it allowed my husband and I to have a moment to breathe, whether it was just for him to take me for a drive, or on more energetic days to go for a long walk. Especially due to COVID, we have limited help we can lean on, so Kaitlyn was truly a godsend.
    Nankind - talking to kids about cancer- Nanny Angel

    Kathy, mom

  • I donate monthly to NAN because I know it can have a real long-term impact. I am helping to support the love, consistency and that extra special care during a tumultuous time for these families.

    Stephanie, donor

Kindly note: A tax receipt will be emailed automatically for donations of $20 and greater.