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About Our Child Life Therapeutic Play

When a parent is diagnosed with cancer children often feel lost and confused. They may think they have done something wrong and have trouble expressing how they feel. That’s where we come in. Our team of Child Life Specialists and trained volunteer angels deliver programs to help children understand your cancer journey and build emotional resilience. 

Our Child Life focused programs help kids cope with the trauma of parental cancer by providing a sense of normalcy during an unfamiliar time. Nankind’s Program for Children takes this approach and our volunteer angels deliver their impact. Coping kits guide children through the trauma of living with their parents’ cancer, teaching them how to build emotional resilience through engaging activities and play. 

“The Teddy Bear Clinic has left my daughter feeling much better about me having cancer because it helped her understand my illness. My son read through Nankind’s cancer book, which answered some of his questions too. I noticed they are much happier! My daughter hasn’t put her bear down either.”

Our free programs provide

  • A way for children to express their emotions in a healthy way 
  • Fun and a sense of normalcy during an uncertain time
  • A space for children to build lifelong social and emotional skills 
  • Time for parents during their cancer treatment and recovery
  • Bereavement support for children when needed