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  • No matter how many friends and family members you have that have
    shown tremendous support, their volunteer angels are skilled where family
    and friends aren’t. You don’t just get a volunteer, you get an amazing
    support system that’s committed to making a difference in your life
    and more importantly, in your child’s life.

    Annalisa, parent

  • I cared for my mum as she fought strong through her battle against cancer. Nanny Angels has given me the opportunity to care for and relate to a child who is experiencing the same thing I experienced when I was younger. I can connect with the child that I volunteer with on a personal level, while also being given the chance to partake in fun adventures with him when mum needs time to rest and recover. Nanny Angels has given me a chance to help a child cope with big and sometimes scary changes in supportive, fun-loving ways.

    Marnie, angel volunteer