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Durham and area volunteers are urgently needed to help moms with cancer.

Nanny Angel Nankind Volunteer

The Nanny Angel Network (now Nankind) is in desperate need of volunteers to bring childcare to mothers with cancer in Durham.

Founder and Executive Director Audrey Guth says mothers with cancer are delaying treatment because they don’t have someone they trust to watch their children.

She says no mom should ever have to choose between getting well and caring for her children.

“Recently, we’ve had several moms in the Durham region who’ve had to make that choice and are delaying treatment because they just don’t have the support,” explained Guth. “When you are a young mom and you are diagnosed with cancer, the first thing that goes through your head is who is going to take care of my children? So we want to be able to get these moms the help so they can have their surgery, or go for their chemo.”

NAN is the only non-profit organization in Canada that provides free, in-home relief childcare for mothers in all stages of cancer – from diagnosis to recovery, and during the palliative care and bereavement periods.

NAN gives children the tools to cope with their mother’s cancer and the possibility she may die. By addressing the long-term emotional and psychological impacts of moms’ cancer, NAN tries to reduce risk factors and help children grow up to lead healthier lives.

They currently have a wait list of mothers in Oshawa who desperately need someone to watch their kids.

Volunteers are specially trained by NAN to help children deal with their moms’ cancer. Each family is paired with a specially trained Nanny Angel who cares for children up to four hours a week.

The program provides Nanny Angels with fun, age-appropriate activities for the children, designed to help bring a sense of normalcy back to their lives and reduce stress and anxiety.

Find out more by clicking here, or by calling 416-730-0025.

Original Post: Durham Radio News