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Love and Support from the Waugh Family Foundation

Waugh Family Foundation

For sister-in-laws Hayley and Stacey Waugh, the work of the Nanny Angel Network (now Nankind) resonates deeply, as they both experienced parents having cancer when they were young. They both watched one parent keeping the family together while the other recuperated and thankfully got well. From this shared experience and deep understanding of what a family goes through when a parent gets cancer that they became passionate about supporting the Nanny Angel Network.

The Waugh Family Foundation has been an important partner of the Nanny Angel Network for the past three years. The Foundation is led by husband and wife Rick and Lynn Waugh and their three sons, as well as their three daughters-in-law Haley, Lisa and Stacey who have been the driving force behind the Foundation’s support.

As young mothers, Hayley, Stacey and Lisa understand the amount of work it takes to be an attentive mom and how much time and effort goes into looking after the family. For Hayley, a former event manager at the United Way and a mom of two, her thoughts revolve around a mom having to be a mom no matter what, “Even when you have a cold, it’s very challenging to look after your family, so when you have cancer, it’s even more difficult to keep the family in one piece. That’s why I have such deep admiration for the work of the Nanny Angel Network. When I think about preparing meals and making sure everyone is happy, I’m especially impressed by a mom’s ability to cope and how having a Nanny Angel provides a huge benefit.”

Stacey, a teacher and mother of three young children reflects, “It’s hearing the mom’s stories and how the Nanny Angel Network helps reduce the family’s stress and how the programs developed during COVID kept families fed and brought joy from programs like the activity boxes. I find this all inspiring and it makes us want to help even more and be part of the mission.”

The Waugh Family Foundation’s tremendous support this year has made an enormous difference in the lives of families the Nanny Angel Network supports across the GTA. Thank you Hayley, Lisa and Stacey and the entire Waugh Family Foundation for your kindness, generosity and for working together to help make a difference in the lives of children and families living with cancer.