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To The Moms Just Diagnosed

In October 2020, Stephanie, a young mom of two preschoolers, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. As a former caregiver to her mom, who previously battled triple-negative breast cancer, Stephanie was all too familiar with the experience. Stephanie’s disease spread rapidly and she needed to undergo an immediate double mastectomy surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery led to some complications that sent her to the emergency room. Life as she knew it changed forever.

“It was very difficult not being able to have any family with me due to pandemic restrictions. It was and still is a very challenging experience to go through alone during this time.”

Stephanie missed little things like hugging her children close to her heart. The pandemic was already taking a toll on the family and the addition of her illness was scary and traumatic. Her husband and mom provided incredible help, but the love and support they get from Sally, their Nanny Angel volunteer, has been the big hug they all needed.

Through it all, Stephanie has remained cheerful and optimistic. She frequently engages her kid to keep them busy and maintain a sense of normalcy. When she was too sick to play with them, her husband and mom step in. Things got even better when the Nanny Angel Network came along. Her kids had something new and exciting to participate in thanks to the new virtual programs offered, like Fun in a Box and Pre-school Playtime.

“With all the fatigue I’m experiencing from my cancer combined with the pandemic, it’s been such a great help having support outside of the family. They love their time with Sally, our super amazing Nanny Angel volunteer and the activity boxes are filled with a variety of fun crafts that appeal to both my kids interests.”

Stephanie’s biggest motivation to stay strong and positive has been her kids. Being able to spend quality time and plan fun activities has brought a lot of hope and happiness.

“It’s an emotional rollercoaster, but eventually it will get smoother. I have learned that it’s okay to reduce the pressures we impose on ourselves and rely on others for help.”