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To The Moms in Recovery

Nanny Angel Network Nankind Mother Annalisa Cancer Recovery Support

“I was completely shocked when I heard the words ‘You have cancer’.”

Annalisa was nursing her three-month-old son when she discovered a lump in her breast. After multiple tests, she was diagnosed with Stage three breast cancer. As a young mom to three daughters and a newborn, Annalisa worried about her children and how she was going to care for them with her new reality. Playtime was now more exhausting and she needed help keeping up with their schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Her family and friends pitched in from time to time, but Annalisa still needed extra support while she went to treatments.

Thankfully Annalisa was introduced to the Nanny Angel Network (now Nankind) and was matched with a Nanny Angel volunteer. Her volunteer played with her kids and engaged them in age-appropriate activities to help them better understand what was happening and express their feelings in a healthy way. This gave Annalisa more time to recuperate and focus on her health.

“Esther was incredible. Knowing that you have this amazing support helping you out really puts a mom at ease.”

Although life changed for her family, it was important for Annalisa that her kids maintained a sense of normalcy. With the support she received from her family and Nanny Angel volunteer, Annalisa had more energy and time to make memories with her kids.

Now in recovery, Annalisa reflects on her experience with gratitude. Thanks to the Nanny Angel Network’s support, Annalisa was able to thrive through a difficult time.

“You don’t always have to be a super mom and relying on others for help allows you to get better so you can be there for the long haul.”