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One Mother’s Journey of Hope

A Nankind Mother's Pictures during cancer treatment and after recovery

Many people immigrate to Canada with hopes of greater opportunities, access to advanced facilities, and peace of mind. This was no different for Bipina, a Financial Adviser who moved to Canada with her husband in 2011 from South Asia with the dream to raise a family together.

After settling into life in Canada, she welcomed her son. Things were coming together, and life was good She was in a good place with her family and career, but suddenly found herself in need of back surgery. She traveled to her home country to get surgery due to a shorter wait time.  After recovering Bipina arrived back to Canada thinking the worst was behind her. She was back to work and enjoying life with her family once again. One day while playing with her son, Bipina found a lump in her breast.

At the peak of Covid-19 Bipina was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was shaken. She did not want to show it outwardly, but inside, she was frightened. During this time, a nurse encouraged her to consider Nankind. She was hesitant at first, but once she spoke to Audrey, whose warmth and reassurance comforted her, she was open to receiving help.  The support Nankind provided Bipina and her family with included nutritious healthy cooked meals, delivered right to her door, and a volunteer to help her son understand what was happening at home. All of this made her feel more at ease while she navigated her cancer journey.

“Few people helped during my journey, my husband, my doctor, and one close friend, but Nankind played one of the biggest roles. When I could not cook, they delivered delicious meals and would check in on me. They also provided a volunteer to help my son understand process his feelings and connect with him, giving me time to rest and recover. People were there sometimes, but Nankind was there all the time.”

When asked about her Volunteer Angel Lucy, Bipina described her as a friend,  

“She was always there to listen, show empathy and create an inspiring environment for me and my son during my cancer journey. Lucy really supported my son with meaningful gifts and activities through the Fun-in-a-Box program. Nankind’s volunteers are true angels that provide support, especially during unprecedented times physically and emotionally.”

Bipina’s story is a story of hope for moms affected by cancer because she was able to channel her mindset toward positivity throughout her journey and serve as an inspiration to others. When asked about her advice to other moms with cancer, she had the following words of advice.

Awareness: Take care of yourself, people will always have opinions, but you need to try to make the best decision for you.

Accept: Sometimes we go through a series of rejection, denial, and frustration, but if it’s written and it’s confirmed, then you’re going to have to tackle the situation. So, believe in yourself and the fact that you can recover.

Don’t fear: Don’t fear the process because in this new age, there is a lot of research and a lot of funds have been generated for studies around cancer treatment and cures, so try to focus on that. It is important to trust our physicians and medical practitioners.

Positive mindset: This will go a long way, invest in yourself and your medications and try to be conscious about unconscious behavior. Fearful and negative thoughts will always come up, but we have the power to be more conscious, focus on our breathing and bring ourselves back to the present moment.

Seek support: Connect with organizations like Nankind because there are so many resources out there. There are some genuine organizations, we just have to be open to accepting help.

Bipina had to undergo five lengthy surgeries before she finally recovered. She noted it was extremely difficult, especially when it came to chemotherapy, but through it all, she maintained a positive mindset, meditated and exercised regularly. But most importantly she asked for help when she needed it.

We hope Bipina’s story inspires you if you’re amid your cancer journey. We know it is a tumultuous time that can feel isolating but know that you are never alone.

This Mother’s Day join us and support moms like Bipina. With your help me can have a greater impact. Give now.

If you are a parent with cancer and in need support, please visit Nankind-Get Help to contact us today.