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Expanding the Reach of our Free Resources

Nankind Mom and child

Navigating a cancer journey is often full of uncertainty and emotional turmoil. Having a helping hand and a supportive community can make all the difference. That’s where Nankind steps in. From diagnosis to bereavement, we provide help for parents with cancer and their kids. Thanks to our new partnership with IMD Health our free resources for families will be readily available for medical practitioners, one of our key points of referral.

Medical practitioners are at forefront of providing cancer patients with treatment and that includes directing them to supportive care and resources outside of the hospital. However, staying up to date with the latest in cancer care can be a challenge. IMD Health is one of the largest digital health education platforms in North America, offering innovative technology that facilitates meaningful dialogue between healthcare professionals and patients inside the examination room, at hospital bedsides and pharmacies, and during virtual consultations.

We offer a lifeline for parents with cancer and their kids. Whether it’s a virtual homework program, in-home childcare support or catered meals, our resources make a real difference for families who need it most. With IMD Health now hosting Nankind’s free resources more parents can access tools like Cancer Conversations, a booklet we developed that provides parents with guidance on how to speak to their children about cancer. Our resources play a vital role in supporting families in their everyday lives.

Our goal is to make sure that no family with cancer feels alone and without support. By increasing the accessibility of our free resources, we aim for more families to find hope and medical professionals to find guidance. Thank you IMD Health for helping us expand our reach!

To explore Nankind’s free resources visit Family Resources | Nankind

To read the news announcement visit Welcome to IMD (imdhealth.com)

To learn more about IMD Health, go to imdhealth.com.