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Nankind Holiday Give Guide: A Season of Hope, Comfort, and Immediate Relief

‘Tis the season of joy, love, and giving! This month, as we prepare to celebrate the holidays, let’s come together to give a sense of normalcy to families in need. The Nankind 2023 Holiday Give Guide is a unique and impactful way to give back during the season. Each gift option has the power to bring hope, comfort, joy, and immediate relief to parents with cancer and their children. Help us reach our goal of giving 2,500 meals to families in need. Moreover, in the spirit of giving and creating unforgettable memories, we are hosting a Holiday Raffle, which will capture intimate moments with your family.

$20 – A Heartwarming Meal for a Single Parent and Their Child

Nankind Holiday Give Guide - $20 Gives a single parent and their child 1 holiday meal

For just $20, you can provide a single parent and their child with a nutritious prepared holiday meal delivered right to their doorstep during the toughest time of their cancer journey. During the festive season, this gesture goes beyond nourishment; it warms their heart, home and lets them know that someone is thinking about them. It’s a small act that can make a significant impact on the holiday spirit for a family in need.

$100 – Grief and Bereavement Support for a Child

Nankind Holiday Give Guide - $ 100 Gives a child 2 Greif and Bereavement support sessions with a Child Life Specialist

The holidays can be a challenging time for those who have experienced loss. A $100 donation ensures that a child receives two grief and bereavement support sessions with a dedicated Child Life Specialist. These Child Life Specialists provide compassionate guidance and a safe space for children to express their emotions, helping them navigate their grief during a season that can magnify feelings of loss.

$500 – 2 Weeks of Holiday Meals for a Family of Five

Nankind Give Guide - $500 - Gives a family of five 2 weeks of holidays meals delivered right to their door

Imagine the joy of having wholesome holiday meals delivered weekly for two weeks. A $500 donation makes this possible for a family of five, bringing delicious food to their table and relieving the stress of meal planning during a time that should be filled with warmth and joy. It’s a gift that allows families to focus on creating precious holiday memories together.

$1,000 – 2 months of Specialized Support for Children of a Parent with Cancer

Nankind Give Guide
Nankind Give Guide – $1,000

Cancer disrupts the sense of normalcy for the entire family. A $1,000 donation provides 2 months of specialized in-home support for the children of a parent affected by cancer. This ensures that the children receive the care, attention, and personalized support they need during a difficult time, allowing parents to focus on their health without worrying about the well-being of their children.

The support we’ve received thus far has been incredible! We’re so grateful for everyone who has come together to help us reach our goal. There is still time to make an impact by donating here. Every donation, no matter the amount, is making a profound impact this holiday season.