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Nankind Receives AA Rating from Veritas, Exceeding Charitable Sector Standards

Nankind Volunteer playing with children

We are excited to share that Nankind has received a AA rating from Veritas Charitable Foundation! The Veritas Foundation aims to be Canada’s authoritative source for participating in the country’s charitable sector and evaluating its effectiveness and impact. Veritas helps donors, charities, and others with independent, fair research into Canadian registered charities, in an effort to support them in evaluating and choosing their favoured charities. 

Our AA rating indicates that Nankind exceeds the charity sector average and meets performance standards and scores above others in strategy, finance, governance, and impact. One of the most significant results was the value Nankind is creating for the families we serve. Veritas found that for every $1 donated to Nankind, $2.97 of value is created for the families we support. Most charities create between $2.00 and $2.25 worth of value for every dollar. 

We are very proud of our evaluation and rating and the measurable impact we are having on parents with cancer and their children.

To view the full report, click here. 

Veritas 5 star rating for Nankind